Thursday, April 25, 2013


I often find myself forgetting to live each day... one day at a time. It is so easy for me to get caught thinking so many moments ahead of myself... and then I start to worry and then I stop enjoying the moment. Today I going to start trying to enjoy everything as it comes... and maybe worry about a few things that need my attention in the days ahead ;-)

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The sweet smell of the grind!

I think summer wore me out... My work schedule changed and threw me off balance a bit, there was an impossible budget to navigate with through my slow season, facing the ever battle of finding time to do the things you want to do in-between the things you have to do, and I had a lot of expectations and things I wanted to accomplish that may not have been that practical... especially with the unexpected heat wave that hit. Some days felt like I was walking though molasses and those same days made the air conditioning feel like a small useless fan in an upstairs bedroom.

So here, on a cool September morning, I sit enjoying some coffee... feeling a bit rejuvenated from being able to get some rest during a nice cool night. I look forward to my body and mind being a little more centered. Apples and apple cider... pumpkins and Halloween... two kiddos getting another year older... And even though the molasses will soon be replaced with slippery snow, and the busy season has kicked in, and I'll have a lot less time to do those things I'd like... I know I'll be more productive when I get them! So I raise my mug up and say, "Cheers to fall!!! Let's get to work and have some fun!".

Friday, July 27, 2012


Wow, how the time flies... I haven't updated in awhile. That doesn't mean that things haven't been good, I just got caught up in so many other things... and has anyone "really" been productive with this heatwave? (I know I haven't) I've been on vacation, went to family gatherings, had my share of work and found a little time to relax in-between those things. During all this time I've been mulling over a lot of things in my head... and haven't quite found the voice to speak about them. Maybe when I do I'll have an interesting story or two. So, there is really little for me to say...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Home sweet home

While camping with the family can present a whole handful of challenges... Like long car rides, set-up and break-down(s), finding the perfect location, keeping the kids occupied (From getting into poison ivy... Not cool Wisconsin state parks, from each others hair, away from the fire etc.) and not being a victim for wanting to travel with the family dog... its a challenge worth taking. Even if fun comes in five second interludes, it's worth taking the kids to get other experiences and away from humoring us until the next time they get to watch television.

Pulling teeth is one way to put it... And once the the shock is over everything gets better (when you finally get back home). Dirty, dusty and defeated... All you can do is hope that the experience finds its way into your children's memory and they look back in fondness and joy remembering the fruits of your labors to give them this experience... And find a new respect for life... For the world around them... And the day to day living that keeps us from enjoying these basic wonders...

And yes, I would do it again in a second... Just let me get home sweet home and enjoy the comforts of a matress for a few minutes, then we can talk about the next trip!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Yep... it sure is hot!

Been trying to keep up my blog... but it's just been so hot lately and I don't really feel like doing anything. It is truly a lazy summer and that's okay. Lots to look forward to... summer camping, BBQ's, hanging out at the beach... just would be nice if the temp dropped another 10 degrees or so. Then I would really be happy.


Friday, June 29, 2012

A long trip home...

It had been a long day at work... I was ready to be home... And as I'm driving down the expressway I see flashing lights in front of me, but they are moving forward. "Must be an accident", I thought to myself and I was hoping that it was after my exit so I wouldn't get stuck in a traffic jam. I made it to my exit just fine, drove the three or four miles down the road to the small intersection where I needed to turn... and there it was, there was the police car I had seen earlier and the car accident that I had anticipated. Just as I was coming up to this mess an ambulance passes me by and then I see a fire truck come zooming in from an adjacent street. The gap where people were cutting around had just been closed off. "Are they going to let people around", I start fuming to myself. I look over at the scene, everyone seems to be living but there are people still in the cars and they look a  little rough... just then the officer walks over to my car and asks me to turn around, because they have to cut some people out of the cars and they need to block the road to do it. At this point there is only one way to go... all the way back to the expressway and go down to the next exit. So I bit my tongue, didn't argue, and told him okay. I was kinda pissed... turning around my car and heading back the several miles out of my way to the expressway. I thought about how tight money is right now and how tired I was... and how I just wanted to be home after a long sweaty day of work... and it was very hot outside to top it off. And then it hit me... the images of the people in the cars and the frantic young woman nervously pacing around outside the one car came into my mind... and I thought to myself, "That could have been me, but it's not". And I thought about how those people probably would have loved to take an extended long trip home or payed the extra gas money and to lose a little bit of their time to undo that accident. And I set aside my anger... and I felt a little lucky... and I took that long trip home and was happy that I was able to do it.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Music lives here...

I'm not sure when it happened, and realize that it's been going on for awhile... but I have recently noticed my two children running around the house or sitting and playing, and singing while they are doing these things. Not to mention they have great taste in music! They sing what they are hearing, which just so happens to be music that my wife and I are brainwashing them with. It is quite amusing to hear my daughter prancing around singing along with "Florence and The Machine", or to see my son putting a puzzle together and singing "The Head and The Heart" to himself. But I must say, the coolest thing that they've done is sing my own songs... and that makes this dad smile big and know that his art isn't being wasted away in a dreary basement room. I shouldn't be surprised that our children love music so much though, my wife and I have been in the band "Garden of Voices" with a couple of our close friends (Joe and Jennifer Evans) for the last few years and we used to practice all the time with them around. So they have had quite a feel for music and seem to be very comfortable with the idea of making it on their own. I also shouldn't be very surprised at the scene that played out the other day... I had just cleaned up my little basement music room and decided to dust off my electric guitar, and it wasn't very long after I was playing that I turned around to see a small two year old boy, pounding away heartily at the drums. And he had the best puckered lip Keith Moon impersonation that I have ever seen and it was hilarious. We've never really pushed either of our two children to play music or teach them how to play instruments (We're just waiting for them to ask), so it's nice to see them move in that direction on their own and to see that they are not afraid to join in with the fun. I hope that they will learn to love music as much as my wife and I do... because music lives in this house and we like living with it!